I will be performing a few songs from the “Prayer” album and signing CDs at the new downtown Deseret Book store in Salt Lake City (located next to the Zion’s Bank Building on South Temple across the street from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building) from 4-6 pm THIS SATURDAY, October 6th, between LDS General Conference Sessions!  Please come!

WOW!  Let me apologize for being so negligent in sending out these newsletters!  Life has been ultra crazy and busy these past three months!  But now that I have some future plans and events solidified I wanted to make everyone aware of them.  Thank you for your patience!

To catch everyone up with the events that have transpired over the past few months, we had an INCREDIBLE experience participating in the Nauvoo Pageant over the summer!  It was like serving another LDS Church mission.  To any of you who might be interested, I highly recommend you apply to be part of it. Whether as a core cast member or as part of the family cast, the experience is phenomenal and well worth the sacrifice.  They will begin taking applications later THIS MONTH for family cast members at www.nauvoopageant.org.

After Pageant, we started filming “Emma Smith: My Story” at the LDS Motion Picture Studio.  It was wonderful to reconnect with many of the same people I worked with on the “Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration” film.  I love them all so dearly.  This particular film received permission from the LDS Church to use out-take footage from the “Joseph Smith…” film and to use their motion picture studio, but it is actually being produced by the Joseph and Emma Smith Historical Foundation.  Details can be found below about the release date.  I am very excited about this project.  I have great respect and love for Emma Smith and I think this will be an important film in telling her story.

Currently I am preparing for the Deseret Book mini-concert THIS Saturday (details above), and the Nauvoo Pageant Sunday Sociable performance, entitled “Our Story Goes On,” performing the week after LDS General Conference (Oct 9-13) at the Conference Center Theatre in Salt Lake City.  “Our Story Goes On” is an AWESOME inspirational presentation of Broadway, popular, original and some folk songs that together tell the story of our experiences on earth as individuals, as members of a family and as members of God’s eternal family.  It reminds us that “our story” began before this life and will continue on after this life.  The presentation is wonderful!  While tickets are already “sold-out” for the show’s run, I highly recommend that you come to the Conference Center Theatre around 5 pm the day of the performance and do stand-by.  Your chances of getting in to see the performance are high, especially if you come early on in the week.  It is well worth taking the chance!  I hope to see you there.

I will also be performing in Rob Gardner’s “Joseph Smith the Prophet” concert at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, October 23.  Rob will actually be filming this production of it and creating a DVD of the concert for wide distribution.  I am very excited to be playing a small part in it. It is an exceptional presentation that honors the prophet Joseph Smith.  Please come out and support it!  Tickets can be purchased on-line at www.arttix.org.

Mini-Concert and CD Signing at Deseret Book, October 6, 4-6 pm, at the new Deseret Book Store, Downtown Salt Lake City (located next to the Zion’s Bank Building on South Temple across the street from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building)

  • Attendance is FREE!
  • I will be singing songs from the “Prayer” CD as well as signing CDs.

“Our Story Goes On,” October 9-13, nightly at 7:00 pm, at the Conference Center Theatre, Salt Lake City

  • Tickets are free, but the event is currently sold-out.  I recommend that you come a few hours early to the theatre and wait in stand-by.  Your chances of getting in are good (especially early in the week), but not guaranteed.
  • This is a special performance of the “Sunday Sociable” which the core cast of the Nauvoo Pageant performed last summer in Nauvoo.  It is a powerful presentation of Broadway, popular, original and folk songs that relate the experiences we share as individuals and families, and that reminds us that our journey of life began before we were born and continues after we die.  I HIGHLY recommend this program!

Rob Gardner’s “Joseph Smith the Prophet,” October 23, 7:00 pm, Abravanel Hall, Salt Lake City

  • Tickets are $6.00 and can be purchased on-line at www.arttix.org
  • This is a special performance of Rob Gardner’s “Joseph Smith the Prophet” that will be filmed and made into a DVD for future distribution.  Please come and be part of this great event!
“Emma Smith: My Story,” a feature-length film produced by the Joseph and Emma Smith Family Foundation, featuring the same cast and directing staff as the “Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration” film.  It will be in limited theatrical release sometime in March 2008, and then available on DVD in May 2008 in time for Mother’s Day.

(Everything this month is NEW!)

(Nothing new this month!)

I love C. S. Lewis.  His thoughts found in the work “Present Concerns” (pgs 21-22), where he classifies the world into “three kinds of people,” are very insightful.  I’ll make an attempt to summarize: the first man has no belief in God or a higher power and lives accordingly.  The second believes in God, but lives in constant struggle between doing their own will and living according to the demands made by God.  The third lives in perfect harmony with the will of God, because “the will of Christ no longer limits theirs; it is theirs.  All their time, in belonging to Him, belongs also to them, for they are His.”

Those in the second class, the one in which most of us belong according to Lewis, “are always and necessarily unhappy.”  This is because they are constantly “adjusting the rival claims of Self and God.”  Obviously, the way to peace, happiness and contentment in this life is found in becoming a member of the third party of people who “[reject] the claims of Self altogether.  The old egoistic will [is] turned around, reconditioned, and made into a new thing.”

During those times in our lives when we are party to the second group, I know that if we choose to humble ourselves, and accept and do the will of God by making it our own will, we will never regret it.

Thanks again for your support!  May God bless!


Dallyn Vail Bayles

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