Hello, everyone!  I know this is a little early in the month, but I wanted to make you aware that I am moving out to New York City today, so I will not be performing in Rob Gardner’s Joseph Smith the Prophet at Abravanel Hall next Tuesday, October 23.  My decision to finally move to NYC came suddenly, but I know it is the right thing for me to do.  I would still like to encourage everyone to go and see Rob Gardner’s presentation.  It is truly wonderful.  Dan Beck, an incredible singer/actor, will be taking my place performing the role of Oliver Cowdery.

Also, with the Holiday season approaching, may I ask you to consider purchasing the album Prayer as gifts for Christmas this year.  We need your help in getting word out about this album.  So, if you have enjoyed it and would be willing to share it with others this Christmas, I would be very grateful.  Prayer orders can be made on my website, www.dallynvailbayles.com, for 10% off and free shipping. You can also purchase it at any LDS bookstore.

Thank you so much!  I hope to be able to report a new performance soon – I would certainly appreciate your prayers in this regard!  Take care and God bless! 


Dallyn Vail Bayles

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